For decades, management teams have been trained to “say what is correct” to make change happen. One thing has been missing from the process – the step that gets you ready for change. What do I mean by that?

All lasting change starts in the mind, not the mouth. For example, you can go to classes on how to lose weight, but you have to set your mind to losing weight before you can stick to a diet. Managing change is no different. Teaching people to say different things without changing their perspective, their desires and their vision may work for awhile… until something goes wrong. Then they will operate from their beliefs (i.e., what they really think), not what they have been trained to say. At that moment, the improvements you are striving for will be at risk because beliefs about what is possible to achieve and how to achieve it were not changed.

Training on “getting ready for change” shapes mindsets, is critical for success, and will accelerate change at a rate not thought possible. If you are about to launch a change initiative or are frustrated about your progress, could it be that management was asked to “do” something differently without “believing” something differently first? If beliefs were not changed first, your chances for optimizing performance and changing culture have been compromised.