Workplace harmony is largely dependent on generational awareness training. Many Baby Boomers are delaying retirement and are working side by side young people young enough to be their children – or grandchildren. Have you heard many Baby Boomers are workaholics while younger workers may demand more of work -life balance?  There are distinctions in core values, behavioral, communication and lifestyles among the generations.  The solution for a growing number of companies is generational awareness or generation-gap training to help foster understanding and more effective communication among workers.  These trainings help foster communication and understanding across the generations.

It is important to remember about the different generational styles of

  •    Traditionalists: 1900-1945
  •    Boomers:  1946-1964
  •   Gen Xers: 1965-1980
  •   Gen Y’s (Millennials)  1981-1999

is that they’re not better, not worse, just different; often manifested in how they deal with:

  •   Authority
  •   Management Styles
  •   Organization
  •   Work Styles


Following education re the distinctions among generations, trainings typically include role playing and interactive activities that resonate with everyone.