Do you have a happy place? Last week I needed my happy place.  I was in a bad place emotionally and I needed to center myself.

I have found that in my life that when I think about my happy place it gives me the strength that I need in order to be steady, strong, positive and in control.

When you operate out of your happy place you are able to lead others. People want leaders to be upbeat and positive. It is important to who you are. It’s important to what you are.   It is important for you to be able radiate the kind of joy that you find in your happy place to others that you are leading.

When I was a little girl I used to walk to school and along the way I had to pass a railroad station that had the train that went down town.  That railroad station represented a lot of family memories because it was the same train station that my mother took me on to center city along with my two sisters twice a year for special holiday shopping trips.

On my walk home from school I always found a way to dally at the train station. Now it wasn’t just an ordinary train station but one that had the grassy green area right before the train station platform and the old fashioned ticket counter area.  As a child sometimes I would run to the grassy spot, lie on the grass and look up at the sky and count the puffy clouds and try to pick out shapes that looked like animals or other characters.   I would run through the grass and pick the wild violets and dandelions and make into a bouquet.  Once gathered, I would skip the rest of the way home. Every time I chose to pick these wild flowers my mother would take them from me and put them in a vase as if I had presented her with a bouquet of beautiful long stem red roses.

That place is my happy place because of what the train station represents – the grassy green, the wild flowers, the warm sun shining on my face, the carefree nature of it all. The one thing I can say about a happy place is that it can get better in your mind. It is something that you should always treasure.

Find your happy place.  Transfer the joy, happiness and contentment you feel when you think of your happy place on to other people.  That’s the kind of workplace that you what to have and the kind leader and person you want to be.

Find your happy place to find your leadership.