Not long ago the heart was believed to be merely a muscle that received deoxygenated blood and pumped out oxygenated blood (liquid tissue) through the body.

As a pastoral counselor I have many opportunities to talk about the ‘heart’ in a spiritual capacity.  In fact, the Greek word for ‘heart’ is kardia.  This word refers to the soul of an individual which is comprised of the will, conscience, intellect, and the emotions.

Recent research in such areas as neuro-cardiology, bio-physics, and electro-physiology are now amassing an impressive amount of data to suggest that this is not merely a pump.  Scientists are finding that the brain and heart are in ceaseless dialogue and that the heart has a vast amount of neurons.  They also know that the heart’s electromagnetic field is stronger that the brains.

Research on the power of emotions to change heart rate tells us that ‘gratitude’ has a powerful impact upon our sense of overall well-being.  If I choose to think in a positive manner I will generate positive emotions that will benefit me physiologically and emotionally.

Think about good things and you will lower stress in your heart-life.