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Becoming a Professional Speaker

Many prospective new speakers and business seminar and course trainers are simply trying to learn more about the speaking industry or have made the career decision to move from an occasional speaker to a full-time paid professional presenter. MVP Seminars was founded in 1978 and has been a major web marketing and motivational force for speakers, trainers and consultants since 1998. We’d like to think we are simply the best at creating sellable topics, professional promotion, and helping new Keynote speakers and Business trainers get started.

The seminar business generates $300 billion dollars a year and MVP Seminars is the leading force in marketing keynote speakers and business trainers.

Jerry Seinfield Public Speaking Quote
“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two.  This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

Jerry Seinfeld

MVP Seminars most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

How much money can I make?

According to the National Speakers Assoc., nearly four, in ten members have annual incomes topping $140,000, with 20% in excess $250,000. This takes time, dedication , excellent marketing, but is achievable. The Grass is not Always Greener. . . .Our MVP staff encourages new speakers and trainers to keep their day jobs, develop & improve their new craft & secondary careers very slowly. This is not a get rich quick business !!! After 3-4 years the results are very encouraging.

How many times a month can I get booked?

Very logical question. A) It depends on your topic areas & their popularity. Your topics need to be sellable within the corporate venue. B) Topic specific education C) Experience D) Name recognition.

How do I develop my own material?

Very simple. . . . .once you select your topics, we will direct you to a plethora of information to help you mold & create your own training material.

Who pays for my travel expenses?

The booking client. Everything related to travel, i.e. airfare, tips, hotel, meals, etc. are paid for.

How does MVP Seminars compare with traditional business training seminar companies and speakers bureaus?

In some ways there are similarities but there are also many differences: A few differences are:

  1. A) We do not require a video, unless keynote fees are over $ 6,000.
  2. B) “Honor System” with shared client contact information, billing and any future training acquired.
  3. C) Our MVP staff is always available to tinker & update your marketing material. These are not minimum wage employees telling you what you want to hear, but experienced professionals, who understand the business & marketing your services.
  4. D) We do not charge yearly or monthly fees. There is a simple one time new member marketing fee only.
  5. E) We give many new less experienced speakers/trainers a chance. This is not done in bureaus, which are driven by high commissioned speakers and the profits they generate.

Should I buy pre-scripted seminars or keynote speakers material?

In our opinion. . . . NO ! ! Many of our competitors sell pre-scripted seminar courses, i.e. stress -management, customer service, leadership & many other general courses. The course material is generally outdated, lacks your personal charm, experiences, & education. Why would you go to college & then pay someone else $2,000 – $4,000 for one of these dry courses?? Makes no sense. Plus, you are the reason the paying client will invite you back for repeat business, not because of a purchased turn-key seminar course.

Is it possible to market myself as a keynote speaker and/or a business trainer?

Yes ! Of Course ! Very time consuming & expensive, but certainly possible .This option basically requires two full time careers: A) speaking/training & B) marketing & promoting your career, which is not inexpensive.

What characteristics does MVP look for in evaluating new speaker and trainers?

Specific topics, geographical location, education, background & basic desire.

How long does it take to get my speaking and training career in full swing?

Generally 3 years. It took Zig Ziglar & Brian Tracy over 5 years to become full time keynote speakers. Business Training is easier & faster, but still takes time. It seems new speaker/trainers are generally in a great hurry. This business requires patience.

What role does my location play in marketing my services?

It is important. Certain areas are simply more populated & busier than others. As a national company, we are always searching to fill in geographical gaps for specific topics. Conversely, there is plenty of business for everyone, it just makes it more difficult during tough economic times to book certain speakers.

If I join MVP, can I still market myself and not pay a commission?

Yes, We encourage you to blog, join other groups and continue to market yourself. Only the work directly resulting from an MVP Seminars lead or contact requires a commission.

What is MVP Seminars position on back of the room sales done very professionally?

Highly recommended!! Needs to be done thoughtfully and tactfully. Think of it as giving customers what they want. You! Once again, the MVP honor system applies. Our speaker\’s simply keep track of the training courses and material and send MVP Seminars a commission check.

I noticed you specialize in one day seminars.  Can I create a two or three day class?

Yes!  In the last couple of years we have been creating multi-day training workshops, corporate universities for improved learning retention and specialty certificates (Digital Badges, SHRM etc)  to become more competitive in the employee training and development and  executive management arena.

Does your staff help arrange travel bookings?

No.  Many organizations have an event planning team and would prefer to book the travel.  However,  Speakers may need to coordinate travel. In this case, the speaker will receive a 25% non-refundable deposit prior to the training which more than covers travel expenses. The day of training or keynote speaking event, you will be paid in full. The following week, you send MVP the commission check & expense travel form, we sign off, send it to the client and they send you a check for expenses.

If I join MVP Seminars, do I have a direct role in marketing my topics? Also, am I allowed to contact the client directly after my presentation?

We research & market well over 250 “key-word” phrases on Google “pay per click” & all the major organic search engines. MVP does create a shared client relationship with our speakers & booking agents. This is predicated on the basic “Honor System” & for the most part works very well.