Many parents play favoritism with their children thereby setting one child against the other for the rest of their natural life. Some parents pick and choose what child should be favored and what child should be completely ignored, abandoned, gets all the attention, beatings, abused or shower with unconditional love. How does parental selective behavior affect the social development and world outlook of their children?


Is parental selective emotional, psychological abuse and initial molding of a given child during the formative years result in negative behavior of self worthlessness, insecurity, or self distracted behaviors for the abandoned child? Are parents’ conscious of their abusive behavior and how such negativity affects the present and future behaviors of such child? How does this experience play out for favored or un-favored child as a business executive/CEO in later years? What are the psychological implications of parental favoritism as an executive? How should such a child seek help, learn to belong and fit into society and not see him/her as worthless, helpless and hopeless or constantly try to impress others to be accepted? How can such a child move forward rejecting the role of a failure as indicated by parent due to favoritism? How does favoritism affect executive style, out put, feedback and productivity?

What do you think? Should parents openly display favoritism and scrape goat one child again