The man at the hardware store told me all I needed to install the window well covers were the proper size screws, proper size bit and a drill.  So, I bought the covers, a couple of dozen screws and a bit.  When I arrived at home I retrieved my electric hand drill and went to work.  I drilled and drilled with no success.  I called my friend Roger who knows about such things and upon his arrival he determined that what I needed was a hammer drill.  My problem was that I did not have the proper tool to do the job.

Like many tasks, having the proper tool or tools is said to be half the job; leadership is no different!  The effective leader must have the proper tools in his or her box.  Every so often, some of those tools need to be sharpened or replaced.  And, depending on the job, there may need to be a new tool or two added.

Some of the basic tools in the leader’s toolbox include: vision, people skills, many leadership books, a priority list, persistence, an accountability partner and a reservation for an upcoming leadership workshop or seminar.  Which of these tools is missing from your toolbox?  Which ones need updated or replaced?  One who hunts elephants does not arm him or herself with a fly swatter.  And one who installs window well covers needs to purchase or rent a hammer drill.  Don’t limit the value and power of your leadership by not having the proper tools in your box!