An excellent leader has systems by which and through which the business or organization is managed. This makes it much easier to manage well.  These systems help keep your leadership stool in balance. I stated in the previous post that a leader has to have a balanced focus on employees, on customers, on finances, and on operations. In this post I’ll focus on employee, or human resource, systems.

Human resource systems are essential to excellent leadership because, collectively, the employees are the business, especially to customer perception. Therefore an excellent leader should assure that all employees are treated well and that there are channels for their voices to be heard by senior leadership.

Here are some examples of pieces of an excellent human resource system.

1. Are there at least annual performance reviews for every employee? Are there standardized, separate performance review forms for each classification of worker?

2. Are there detailed job descriptions for each classification of work?

3. Is there a hiring process? Does this include a promote from within system?

4. Is there at least an annual employee survey? Is there iron clad anonymity associated with each employee input?

5. Is there a grievance process for all employees? (Necessary for both union and non union)

6. Is there an employee handbook with all the essential guidelines, rules, human resource policy statements, etc.?

7. Is there a human resource policy and procedure manual?

8. Is there a process management system? (Necessary for both an excellent human resource system and an excellent operations system)

9. Do you have an excellent training system?

If you, as a senior leader, have excellent versions of all nine of these essential pieces of a human resource system then you have made your job of management much easier and have taken at least one step in assuring that you have a world-class business or organization.