Transcendence:  Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception.

Western Culture is witnessing a malaise of the spirit due to the want of rhapsodic transcendence.  We inherited many good things from the Greeks, including their neurotic tendencies for lifeless intellectual systems of thought.  The abstract grammar of logic and mathematics are the unchallenged idolatries of the Western intellectual heritage.  When a point of view can be argued and debated, when the major premise and the minor premise of an argument come together with flawless cogency and precision there is the ‘feeling’ of ultimate triumph.

The infectious necessity for logic and mathematical elegance and precision has resulted in the retreat of philosophy from the domain of ultimate questions.  Philosophy, once the love of wisdom, has become the suspicious handmaiden of language analysis.  Language analysis is a rarefied form of metaphysics because the analysis of language requires metalanguages ad infinitum.  In this search for more rarefied mathematical symbol systems the ‘person’ has been unceremoniously sacrificed.

Transcendence, with its rhapsodic symbolism involves the person totally.  When transcendence is present within the personal cosmology of an individual, he or she is at home among the mysteries of life.  If we are to witness the return of sanity to our culture, our theologians and priests of the mind must come to see that the absence of transcendence is to fail in the work of the “cure of souls.”  When purpose and meaning are lacking in life, people turn to the metaphysics of despair.  The absence of transcendence also leads to a truncated view of the self and others.  Freedom comes to the person who has grasped the powerful symbol of transcendence.  The symbol of transcendence frees people from the ‘nothing but’ view of logic and mathematics.  Nothing but-ism is the reductionist psychology of abstract Greek thinking.  Transcendence is the celebration of the cosmic dance of life.  It is delight, not in the concept of being…it is delight in being.  We are in need of prophetic voices who will not shrink from calling western culture to Shamanistic transcendence once again.

Consider that business and commerce are metaphysical systems based upon philosophies of finance, scarcity, supply, and demand, and mathematical model of human behavior, etc…  Diversity Training seeks to win us from the mythic identity of isolated self-interest into the new milieu of inclusive and genuine cooperation with others who are like ourselves.

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