Delighting in Diversity

Do you know how it feels to be different than the people you want to blend in with? Have you ever wanted to  blend a diverse population or team together? 


My debilitating motorcycle crash saddled me with diversity and plunged me into a world for which I was totally unprepared. Dealing with other people who have disabilities is easier for me than for most people; my obvious impairments puts us on common ground


Don't get any ideas, aUnity in Diversity - Al Foxxcting impaired in order to increase your efficiency interacting with

people who have impairments makes about as much sense as trying to act like you’re of a

different race or gender.


Coming from a position of being different, I share personal experiences and

other techniques-the Five A’s-with people looking for team unity. I’ve shared

them everywhere from fortune 500 companies to government agencies to

community organizations.


Diversity Preparing 

The purpose of the five A’s of diversity preparation is to eliminate stereotyping, which leads to

prejudicial behavior—Making a judgment or assumption about someone or something before

having enough knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy. Another way to say

stereotyping is: Judging a book by its cover”.


Attention: Being courtious and considerate.

Appreciate: Favorable reception; approval.

Accepting: Valuing a person, giving them the right to be them.

Affection: Expressing warmth for a person.

Allow: To make provisions for and authorize a person for a course of action.


Diversity Rewards 

No one told me that getting a head injury, complete with a brain stem contusion and paralysis,

would be such a positive investment. Nothing else which would have so abruptly opened my eyes

and my mind, enabling me to discover new possibilities and see the world in the new and exciting

ways of Acceptance andAppreciation, leading to my Delighting in Differences.


Keynote artist, Motivational Speaker and seminar leader Al Foxx provides thoughtful and

inspiring messages that include plenty of humor.