When I attended Seminary our professor of Theology assigned as part of our reading ‘Letters From A Birmingham Jail’ by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..   For some inexplicable reason I have been pondering the power and passion of those letters forged upon the anvil of oppression and shaped by the weighty hammer “Why We Can’t Wait.”

Indeed, I cannot merely intellectualize the topic of Diversity.  For to do so would be a tawdry deconstruction of a issue that is still a moral imperative in our country.

Exploitative politics has exacerbated and trodden down any attempt to heal the gaping social wound of the racial divide.  The amoral social engineers know how to adroitly weal the divisive language of stereotypical mantras.  No attempt is made to examine the facts or if one attempts to examine the ‘facts’ they to are manipulated toward a predictable outcome.

Nietzsche’ was right.  He wrote passionately and prophetically about the ‘head’ and the dismissive fictions they are led to believe.  He was wrong too.  There are those who believe that if given the appropriate opportunity people will listen to the truth.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sat in a Birmingham jail because of a prophetic call to foment an uprising of justice based upon an ethic of brotherhood and love.

We can no more afford to have our common humanity interpreted to us by various manipulative political mediocrities.  We shall have to opt out collectively for their abusive words and opt in for words of healing and reconciliation and then we shall witness the disappearance of the milieu of inequality.