Digital Badges (What are they Certificates, training certifications etc MVP Certified)

What are digital badges?

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A digital badge is a unique and portable digital representation of your certificate that you can post on your online pages that promote you and your skills (such as LinkedIn of Facebook).

Digital Badges and Certificates

Example Digital Badges that we have developed for other clients. Customized certificates to meet your business needs.

MVP Seminars Badges and Certificate Courses

  • Short courses conveniently packaged together to earn a digital certificate that represents a certain skill obtained.
  • Brings real world application and project based experiences into either face to face, “flipped” classroom or fully online classes.

How do I earn a Digital Badge?

Participants must successfully complete the package of courses connected to the specific badge. You will earn a certificate and a digital badge representing that certificate.  

What does a Digital Badge look like?

Image of a Digital Badge Called Management Toolbox

Management Toolbox Certificate Image

 What Courses do I need to Complete to earn this Badge?

Successfully Managing and Developing People:  Learn and apply the communication, delegation and motivational skills needed to be an effective manager or supervisor.

Communication Strategies for the Workplace:  Participants optimize their current communication skills. Differentiate content, emotions, intentions in a conversation. Illustrate congruent verbal and nonverbal messages tailored to the context, the personalities, and desired outcomes.

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