A recent leadership survey asked, “What is the biggest challenge you face as a leader concerning the development of those you lead?”  Possible answers were:

a) Lack of time to train and develop those you lead

b) Lack of funds to develop and train those you lead

c) Not knowing how to get others to “Get on board” with you

d) Lack of the ability to do the leadership training yourself

71% of those responding answered, “Lack of time…”  This indicates most leaders (at least those in this survey) need some assistance when it comes to leadership development.

100% of those responding recognized there are persons in their organizations in need of leadership development.  Time is highly valuable and it is obvious most leaders do not have time in their schedules to develop those they lead.  If someone were available to offer this assistance, would take advantage of the opportunity?

Interestingly, only 14% of those responding stated, “Lack of funds…” as an obstacle in helping their subordinates sharpen their leadership swords.  Those surveyed included human resource managers of international corporations, small business owners, ministers, church denominational leaders, governmental officials, ball coaches, educators and more.  This survey reveals a common challenge face by leaders no matter the size of the organization or whether the setting is commercial or non-profit.

Do you need assistance in the development of those you lead?  I would be thrilled to be your partner in helping with one of the biggest tasks you face; the development of those around you.  I look forward to having the privilege of working with you.