Our goal today is to ask 5 KEY questions (sales and/or service related) and based on your answers and any other detailed information you may provide; we will then have a firm handle on what it is you are really looking for in a product/service, and what you will accept as evidence that we have in fact delivered.  With your permission I will get started?

  1. Question: ________________________
  2. Question: ________________________
  3. Question: ________________________
  4. Question: ________________________
  5. Question: ________________________

NOTE: After the last question, is where you do your “validation or supporting statements” and play everything back in reverse order to demonstrate that you can deliver to their level of expectation. It’s really a very simple process…much like Public Speaking 101. “Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Then tell them what you told them!” Good luck in your new consulting approach. Using this consulting approach demonstrates that you are professional, organized, and has a system to determine the client’s needs. “Professionals prepare, plan and execute! Amateur’s wing it!”