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Fast Healthy Meals-Is Raw Food  Really Better for You?

So I have been talking about Fast Healthy Meals and Recipes in the last several blog posts because they solve a very common problem that stands in the way of vibrant health and lean fitness.

I can tell by the great questions I have received recently that many of you are really having some light bulb moments. Terrific!

I wanted to share this one particular question because it is very insightful and I believe my answer will help you a lot:

“Hi Dr. Steve,
I recently bought brand X protein shake mix along with the brand X meal nutritional shake mix. The following week I received your email discussing RAW. Can you tell me your thoughts    on brand X? And how it compares?”

So this is my reply:

“Hi. Good question! Whenever we have more time together we can go into more detail but here is the short answer on the brand X product-something you can run with.

For one thing, it is soy-based and some nutrition experts argue that soy increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer just like dairy and whey-based products (no matter what the cows are fed!)

The main difference between the two products is that most commercial weight loss products and meal replacements work fine for weight loss but no better than and are not nearly as healthy as the Garden of Life raw meal product.

That’s an important distinction because it is not just about the weight- it’s about sidestepping disease and decline and living a full happy life in vibrant health even up to your last days.

Raw means no processing and minimal adulteration of your food. Also if the dehydration step is kept under 115 degrees, the vitamins, minerals, cancer-fighting poly-phenols, pro-biotics, enzymes, plant-based protein and other macro nutrients are not denatured by heat.

That means your body receives the full nutritional impact and benefit of the meal.”

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Please share this with others and help me stop needless suffering–We are on a mission to promote health and happiness-everyone has the right to know the truth and live in vibrant health.

Signature Dr Steve

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