Corporate Nutrition Lesson #1:  Fast Easy Weight Loss Recipes BFI Power Protein Shakes

Fast Easy Weight Loss Recipes BFI Power Protein Shakes

Click on the link above and watch this short YouTube video to learn how to make my BFI Power Protein Shakes. The free recipe is attached to this blog post.

This is one of my BFI tribe’s favorite go to Fat Blaster & Fast Easy Weight Loss Recipes. Amazingly it builds and tones Lean Muscle at the same time you incinerate stubborn belly fat-ain’t that cool!

The shakes are very filling and satisfying–almost 40 oz– and yet they only have 300 calories!

BFI Power Protein shakes provide a full 25 grams of plant-based protein (half your average daily requirement). They are all natural, gluten-free and contain no sugar, animal product or soy.

But the very best part is that they TASTE GOOD and they are easy and inexpensive to make (the greedy gurus don’t want you to know about that part!)

So cheers!

Dr.Steve, Your Weight Loss Health and Fitness Expert

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BFI Power Protein Shake Recipe:

Here’s what you need to make about 36-42 oz-it will enough for breakfast, a mid-morning snack and even a mid-afternoon meal replacement.

You need a blender–one that can handle ice like a vita-mix

½ fuji apple sweet

½ ripe banana

1 cup fresh berries (or frozen if fresh not possible) -I am using strawberries in the video

2 cups cold water 2 to 3 cups ice * ¼ cup=1scoop of my secret ingredient dried ground yellow peas-a whopping 25 grams of complete whole food plant-based protein per scoop-no gluten, no sugar, no animal product, no soy!


for my sweet tooth and transitioning peeps 1 pitted medjool date or ¾ tablespoon of raw organic maple syrup

3 fast easy steps to prepare BFI Power Protein Shakes:

Step 1 Pour water into blender, then sprinkle and stir in pea powder

Step 2 Add fruit and pulse

Step 3 Add ice, pulse, and then pulverize

*1 scoop (25g) of dried pulverized Yellow Pea Protein Powder-read the label-make sure no sugar added-you can find it at health food stores, Whole Foods Markets or Online; I will post a photo of one of my favorite brands