There is a debate raging in the news media about whether or not the government should pay for birth control pills for unmarried females.  Of course the liberals and progressives in our society are supporting something free because an unmarried female law student at Georgetown University went before congress to testify that having sex has gotten expensive and the government should pay.  Let’s be real here, birth control pills have been marketed as a method of controlling the size of a family since they were introduced to the market.  I was working in the industry when they were introduced and not once did I hear the drug manufacturers suggest their market consisted of females desiring sex before marriage.   Apparently societal attitudes have changed and the morality of premarital sex has changed to accommodate current desires of the “boo-boo society” members.  If you are asking why I call them the boo-boo society, it’s because they remind me of babies who fall while trying to walk.  They do not cry because they are hurt, they cry because they want attention and to be held by mama who will kiss their little boo-boo and make it well.  The people in our society who always have their hand out, I have dubbed the boo-boo society.

Let’s be clears here; if someone wants to have pre-marital sex it is okay with me, as long as I do not have to pay for their pleasure, and I don’t want these perverse people wasting my time trying to make me accept their deviant behavior.  This perverse logic fits the mold that is desired by the democrat liberals and progressives, and it really ticks me off and I think everybody else who works and pay taxes feels the same way.  Contraception is a morality issue, not a birth control issue.  These people are advocating for a bigger government because it means more power for them, and of course, free birth control pills.  They are forcing you and me to engage in a “war on freedom” to protect and regain our freedoms.