Once upon a time there was a father of five wonderful daughters.  All of the daughters were very gifted, talented, lovable and delightful.  The oldest daughter was, however, unique and special to her parents.  Her parents did not love her more than their other daughters, but there was something special about the eldest daughter.  Her heart was deep and rich and filled with love.  Her dark brown eyes were pools of tenderness.

This daughter loved ballet and took classes for many years.  There was one year when she was the Dew Drop Fairy in her ballet school’s production of the Nutcracker.

When she stepped out into the lights her beauty resonated from the stage to the audience where there was an audible and collective gasp.  Her graceful presence filled the theater and transported all collectively into the dance with her.

This father sat enraptured by her radiance and remembered the many pairs of tattered ballet slippers and bloodied skinned toes.  He said to himself, “So this is the result of all the hard work and endless rehearsals?”

Today when that father thinks of his eldest daughter he remembers that particular Nutcracker production and his beautiful daughter as the Dew Drop Fairy transporting a theater filled audience by her dance.

Nothing worthwhile in life comes by taking the easy road.  She loved dance and dance loved her.  She showed all that to be genuine we must merge who we are into what we do and others, too, will be transformed by our commitment to excellence.