Anyone who suffers with chronic pain knows that it interferes with everything—relationships, your performance at work, sleep, etc. You’ve been to doctors, you’ve had treatment, yet you still suffer, and now you are mentally stressed as well. If you listen to conventional doctors, and most alternative doctors, you will hear advice on how to live with your pain. That means take pills, be unproductive, and struggle through every aspect of life. If it’s irritable bowel syndrome or incontinence, you are running to the bathroom in the middle of important projects. With migraines and back pain you’re calling in sick too much. Dr. Twogood has practiced for 30 years and has written four books on chronic pain and how to get rid of it—-Not how to treat it, or how to live with—how to eliminate it. His newest book is Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days. In his presentation, you and your workers will learn the simple steps to eliminating chronic pain—–no expensive supplements are required. Then you can all get back to work and back to life! The information is essential for all workers who want to be productive.