Christian Groups and Womens’ Issues:



Because of extraordinary events that have happened in my life, I have an insight into understanding how God’s Amazing Plan works those Miracles for all of us. From three events, in particular, that no man could have made happen, I have prepared an outline of what God wants from us, how to have the Grace of God in your life, how to enrich your life and get answered prayers, how to live a life of Peace, Love, and Faith.



Handwriting Analysis in Corporate America is vital to seeing through the things that people don’t express verbally. You can understand the truth, without hearing a word. Just watch the unconscious efforts that occur in the written expression of an event or events. Understanding the Graphology of a person’s written word is an amazing tool — An insight into the Human mind. It will give you an edge and an distinct advantage before taking a chance on the unknown. Human Resources personnel will find this class a fascinating and valuable resource in honing their decision-making skills, thereby making the tasks much easier. A person’s handwriting cannot lie, or deceive.



Understanding Body Language is a vitally important component of the human experience. It is an unconscious response to environmental situations that require some kind of answer. That verbal answer does not necessarily tell the whole story, or match what the individual may be trying to hide. The unconsciousness of the act of providing the answer will SCREAM THE TRUTH, but one must know what to look for, and how to decipher it. A knowledge of body language is an invaluable tool for mid- and upper-level managers in Corporate America.