Abrupt Changes

Have you learned to use the power of acceptance to change your attitude? Can you change a negative attitude to positive so you keep dancing, even in the rain?

Awakening from my coma to find my place in the world had completely changed due to my head injury and full blown physical disability required me to do some additional changing. Before the unexpected changes, I loved life. After the changes, I despised life. I hated it.

Did I hate life, or did I fear Changes? In retrospect:

Changing my mind

I hated change because I feared change. I was afraid of facing life as a person with disabilities, but why? I feared it because I wanted to fit in, have a good job, do many things that having a disability makes it harder to do. I realize now that I feared it before I really looked it over, or considered what living with a disability would be like. I hated it because familiarity breeds comfort and unfamiliarity breeds discomfort. I didn’t know what having a disability was like, so I was uncomfortable. In order to change my mind, I had to change my perception.

Unfortunately it took me years to accept my life as a person with disabilities. After quitting fighting my situation as a person with disabilities, my first discovery was that the truest thing about changes is that the more you fight them, the tougher they get. Accepting changes frees you up to see possibilities in the changes. Seeing possibilities in my changes keeps my spirits up and allows me to make the additional changes my unexpected changes require.

Change Secret

Of course some initial resistance is natural if or when a change puts us into survival mode. Just make sure you are conscious of when this resistance is no longer serving you. The life changes I encountered were out of my control. When I quit trying to manipulate the situation and wishing things were different, when I quit fighting with and hating the changes forced on me and began accepting and flowing with them instead, I became open to learning a great secret involving change:

“Suffering occurs when we resist a change that is already happening.”