Change Management

Change Management

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Organizational change is inevitable and most employees lack the broader knowledge of why new systems and structures are necessary. These seminars have several real life case studies that will prepare employees for facilitating and appreciating change. The need to identify key business driven decisions that guide the need for change is crucial.  Bottom line ….. Build support and ensure positive outcomes for your organization’s stability and profits.

Building Trust to Improve Performance . . . .

Description: The connection between trust and performance is poorly understood. Trust is undervalued by most management teams, and may even be viewed as an “optional” culture characteristic that management can choose or not choose to pursue. Without trust, Companies cannot achieve true optimization.

  1. Change slows down.
  2. Important problems go unsolved for years.
  3. Management works harder at maintaining their power than empowering their people.

Management’s Role in Building Trust:

  • Management actions that erode trust
  • Management decision tools and processes – Numbers and trust
  • Management interaction within the management team
  • Management interaction with the workforce
  • Examples of actual business scenarios
  • Management actions that build trust
  • Management decision tools and processes – Numbers and
  • Management interaction within the management team
  • Management interaction with the workforce
  • Examples of actual business scenarios

 Situational and Team Awareness training :

  • Case Studies based on real-life business scenarios.
  • Apply new insights and “a-ha moments” from morning session.
  • Group exercises and discussions about actions required to build trust.
  • Gives attendees a chance to “practice” new choices when it doesn’t count.
  • Summary of insights from group discussions, recap of takeaways.
  • Understand team dialogue skills that allow any team to work together more effectively and achieve better results.

Today, most of the work being performed to achieve corporate goals is done so in team settings. While a team of skilled and motivated teammates is a real asset, unless they communicate effectively with each other, little will get accomplished.

Problems that arise with teams are typically more likely to be related to the team’s lack of communication, rather than lack of skills. Teams with highly-skilled and highly-motivated members tend to run a higher risk of conflict, thereby risking the team’s ability to meet its goals in a timely manner. This seminar will show attendees how to create a team dialogue framework that allows the team to concentrate on its objectives, by enabling more open and collaborative solution of team issues.


MVP Seminars Concierge Services:

Clients often engage with MVP requesting a comprehensive organizational assessment highlighting current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities across 7 different key areas. With a strong background in both qualitative and quantitative methodology we provide detailed reports on the current state of the organization in each of these areas.  Results from this assessment help formulate the design and strategic implementation of your organizational change effort.  “Needing change and implementing change are two different worlds.”


Implementing Change:

We partner with you to design your change strategy and can customize appropriate workshops aligned with your organizational change effort.  

  • Change management
  • Strategic planning
  • Structural alignment
  • Employee Buy In
  • Role clarification
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mission/Vision/Focus
  • Performance management
  • Empowerment / decentralization of power
  • Executive team building
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