Business Writing

Business Writing

Our MVP Business Writing seminars are designed to create clear & error-free written material. Given the importance of today’s essential electronic communication, it is imperative that business documents be written concisely, while eliminating embarrassing grammar errors. We make writing & grammar fun!

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Today, most people spend more time reading online material than they do printed newspapers, books or catalogs. However, they might not realize that with immediate access to Internet information, their reading habits have changed — and so should your writing style.

 The task of promoting your business online, updating your company’s website or writing , inter-office emails, can create panic! Don’t get frustrated!  By taking this seminar, you’ll gain successful strategies and tech-savvy tips for style, grammar & and expanding your personality in the written form.

In addition to knowing grammar guidelines and communication techniques, as a writer you’re responsible for keeping up to date with the best practices for creating and editing online content.

Do you find yourself searching for these answers when it comes to writing for the Web?

  • Length of  paragraphs ?
  • Creating methods  to build credibility for my website?
  • How do I attract & engage my target customers?
  • What writing style is best for highlighting the most important information?
  • What are the essential key words ?
  • Is there certain verbiage I should avoid putting online?
  • Legal issues surrounding email communication & storage
  • Do you understand grammar usage, for different situations?

If you’re unsure about any of the above online writing & grammar strategies, bring this essential seminar to your organization, either onsite or online.
Ask about our customized e-mail etiquette seminars.

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