When I wrote my first book there were three distinct areas of interest to leaders in business and/or higher education….leadership, accountability and motivation.  The latter being individual motivation, on overcoming  personal seemingly  insurmountable obstacles in life.  As a result, the book resulted in several speaking engagements from a wide range of audiences in both business and higher education.

The talks in higher education circles has prompted a second book (in the draft stage) tentatively titled, “Education on a Conveyor Belt”, dealing with the lack of preparation for college, or life, by today’s high school graduates.

My background as a former college president, corporate president/owner of three businesses, and now engaged in both areas, enables me to speak with experience in both areas.  This is a unique combination.  I’m not the only one with this background – but we are few and far between!

Keep me in mind when business meetings, seminars or training sessions are scheduled.  I may be reached at any of the following:  MVP Seminars; bobblissspeaks.com; rbliss@suddenlink.net.