"Bee, bee, bumblebee, I see something you don't see!"  This game of riddle and rhyme has entertained and educated children for generations.  It has helped pass time on road trips and while waiting in long lines.  But what does it have to do with leadership?

Leaders who are effective have the ability to see what others do not.  They see possibilities.  They see hidden potential.  They dare to dream of what something or someone could be.  Yes, they do see the reality of how things are in the present; but they also have vision that allows them to see what a person or organization might be in the near future.  This is the vision that turns the gears of forward motion.  This is the type of vision that leads to positive change.  Remember, in some ways, good leadership is not too many steps away from childlike riddles and games.  Bee, bee, bumblebee, what is it you see that others do not?