Many people assume team building can be accomplished through a series of team bonding experiences. I believe these experiences are helpful; however, the essence of building a team is in the debriefing or the creating of a new mindset.

The mind is our most powerful tool. Our actions are only a reflection of what the mind is creating. In order to boost sales, productivity, or morale, the place where people must change is in their attitudes. It is much easier to paint the walls, add plants, provide play time or create a nicer environment, but the essence of all winners starts within the mind.

How do you create a winner’s mindset within your team or company members? Awareness is the key to change, expanding and moving forward. Awareness requires the willingness to look at who you are, who you want to become, and the willingness to change.

How do you bring your leaders and team members to awareness?

  • Allow them to help you with the mission of the company.
  • Make certain they take ownership in creating a mission and a philosophy.
  • Question them about what they desire, how they want to change, where they want to see the company going, and what type of issues the company has.
  • Provide them with the opportunity to be heard, to have a voice, and to question without judgment.
  • As a part of the process, ask them about their willingness to change who they are. How willing are they to grow as the company grows?

Once they are excited about being a part of the process of company growth and the potential that brings to them, then they will be more willing to change in order to receive the benefits of growth. This approach allows them to feel they are an important cog in the wheel of the company’s success. They are not an outsider but an essential team member.

In order to keep the willingness to change open, the behavior should be exhibited by team members and the philosophy should be a part of the daily mantra.

Team building is not a series of bonding activities where the activities are quickly forgotten. Team building is the creation of a culture where attitude is noted for its power.