Brian Biro - America's Breakthrough CoachAs a professional speaker I have become known as “America’s Breakthrough Coach!”  I love this title because I believe passionately that we are all in the business of breaking-through.  Whether we’re moving from fear to freedom, from failure to faith, from angst to awareness, or from ego to “we-go,” seizing the WOO (Window of Opportunity) requires us to move beyond limits, obstacles, fears, or doubts. Every day as parents we are in the breakthrough business teaching our children to make good choices that will lead them to confidence, compassion, and happiness.  In our professional careers we are seeking to move to the next level in terms of challenge, responsibility, contribution, and abundance.  When it comes to our health, our breakthroughs in diet, exercise, attitude, and habits will determine the way we feel every single day.  And in our relationships our breakthroughs in communication, patience, presence, understanding, openness, and trust make all the difference.

Ultimately all breakthroughs are the same.  They are those precious moments when we move from fear to love.  Fear can take many forms such as uncertainty, ego, worry, doubt, anger, defensiveness, and procrastination.  Love too has many forms including peace of mind, gratitude, faith, consciousness, abundance mentality, understanding, and kindness.  When you detach and observe that all breakthroughs occur when we move from fear to love, a remarkable truth emerges.  All fears are illusions based upon the past or the future.  They are either in the form of negative emotions and thoughts about something that has already happened or worried anticipation about something that has not yet occurred.  All loving emotions are in the present.  They require present consciousness and awareness.  So in a very powerful sense, all breakthroughs are moving beyond the past or future into the present where there is only love.