Here are a few thoughts on team building through a breakthrough experience.

Brian Biro's breakthrough leadership and team building experienceThe ancient Chinese sage, Confucius once said, “When we hear we forget.  When we see we remember.  But when we DO we understand.”  In my seminars I don’t want participants to simply hear about the concept of leadership, or see an example of breaking through.  I want them to actually experience it!  So the seminar finishes with the remarkable BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCE as every participant is given the opportunity to break through a one-inch thick wooden board karate-style! That’s right, a literally unforgettable breakthrough experience.

As we prepare for the breakthrough, everyone writes down on their one-inch thick wooden board something they truly want to move beyond in their life – a limit, fear, obstacle, habit, or doubt. It is the meaning they give to their breakthrough metaphor that creates the power in the experience. For some it’s fear of failure.  For others it’s procrastination, anger, stress, rejection, or loss.  On the other side of the board participants get to be kids again. Filled with the no-limit possibility-thinking they had when they were children, the participants write down what’s waiting for them when they’ve broken through and left that limit in the dust where it belongs. The process of board-breaking empowers people to be their best when their best is called for and teaches them about balance – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Board-breaking also creates an unforgettable experience of real teamwork. Picture all team members cheering for each other at the tops of their lungs.  The unconditional support and energy is ASTONISHING!   The place is shaking, energy is soaring, and music is pounding. And when each person breaks his or her board, it is a moment of unrivaled clarity, focus, and celebration. For many people, it’s the first time they’ve ever had a room full of people cheer for them and focus completely on their success.

Now THAT’s breakthrough leadership!