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Café’s use the term Americano because no one is going to pay $5 for watered down coffee.  Well its no surprise that some business change gurus do the same thing.  The more exotic something sounds, the more expensive its going to be.  The truth is most personal and organizational development concepts are very simple.  Over the decades the same ideas get re-branded and sold under a more exotic label.

Another truth is, simple is good.  In today’s busy world with distractions around every corner, simple ideas are what is needed for your people to understand let alone implement in a way that will make a difference on Monday morning.

I developed the presentation, ‘The Goldfish that Barked,’ to feature seven simple things anyone can do to help distinguish themselves and improve their lives immediately. 

7.  Be ready for Success, 6.  Don't fall into Traps, 5. Learn to Communicate, 4.  Educate Yourself, 3.  Find you Superpower, 2.  Give Thanks, 1.  Pursue your Mission.

Another benefit is that these simple ideas do not necessarily require spending money.  The presentation takes time proven ideals and packages them in a way that is entertaining and rememberable so they are more likely to be implemented in the audiences’ own lives.

So enjoy your Steak Au Poivre, but once you get down to the basics, you can save the money and grind the pepper yourself.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jack W. Peters

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Why I Consider Myself an “Inspirational” Speaker and not-so-much a “Motivational” Speaker.
Although motivate and inspire are thought of as synonyms, there are significant and real differences between motivating and inspiring someone.
A motivational speaker tries to motivate or compel the listeners to act in a specific, certain, defined way as dictated by the presenter or the assigned topic. An inspirational speaker, moves or influences thought on the part of each individual in the audience as defined by the listener’s experiences as each applies the inspirational words to their life at that particular moment in time.
The goal or objective of motivating is to fire the listener up. The purpose of inspiring is for the listener to look deep inside themselves and become a better person
A motivational speaker pushes, drives and impels you to act. An inspirational speaker helps you to decide how to better yourself by providing examples, engaging imagery and words that, hopefully, move, stir, and arouse action.
I am more of an inspirational than motivational speaker. I am not fire and brimstone, I am thoughtful, humorous, genuine, real and insightful.
Let me inspire your sales force, workforce, whatever force.
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I think the majority of people would agree that it's unhealthy to live in the past. After all, we're all familiar with the new age philosophy, "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present".  Living in the past holds us back from being able to embrace the present moment. People hold on to childhood fears, adolescent pain, betrayals, bitterness, anger, etc. Even in terms of fond memories: very often when the present is difficult we are quick to recall "the good old days" when life was theoretically better. In our nostalgia, comparisons to better days gone by conjure up feelings of sadness and loss that easily translate into resentment, unhappiness, bitterness, and hopelessness. In our minds, life will never again reach those standards of excellence.

Recalling mistakes we've made in the past is also considered counterproductive as it can lead to remorse, regret, low self-esteem, and self-loathing. On so many levels, living in the past seems to be a bad idea. Or is it? Are there ever any benefits to revisiting a previous time? Actually, yes. The past has several perks: Learn from our mistakes: We all know that poor choices can be some of life's greatest teachers. Recalling times when we made mistakes can reinforce reasons why we are better off not repeating them. Understanding what we did or didn't do, how it impacted our lives in a negative way, and how we felt during and after the encounter helps us to make smarter and wiser decisions in the future. In this way, the past becomes a point of reference for future decision making. Moving beyond: By revisiting an unfavorable event from our past, we can often view it from a different perspective as time has passed. Being older and presumably wiser, we are now able to re evaluate the experience and gain deeper insights and understandings of what happened and why, and how it has impacted us since. We also have the ability to change how any situation continues to impact us. What once scarred us can now be healed through a new-found awareness and no longer be a negative force in our lives. Motivated by prior successes: There are times when we have all enjoyed success on a variety of levels.  Other times life has been difficult and times have been lean. A quick trip down memory lane to a prior time when we were at our best can help motivate us out of our current slump and put us back on track for success. Use your past successes to propel you on to newer and greater things. Remember: success breeds success. Fond memories of comfort and joy: I love looking at old photos. They bring back vivid memories of some of the most fun and memorable times in my life. Doing so provides a moment to relive a joyful time and evokes feelings of fondness and happiness once again. Recalling what brought us the most pleasure is an incentive to recreate those moments or to embark on new adventures that are exciting, loving, and memorable, those that we can later reference once again trigger memories of comfort and joy. In the case of the loss of a loved one, fond memories of that individual can be a powerful tool for healing from the loss. Pain is replaced by warm recollections of the one we loved and helps to keep that love and memory of them alive. A gauge of progress: Very often it's difficult to see how far we've come in life. We work hard but our progress seems infinitesimal by comparison to others or to what we imagined it should look like. Only when we revisit our starting point are we able to see just how much we've accomplished. This simple act can boost our morale, restore our hope, increase our self-esteem and confidence, and motivate us to continue putting forth effort. So while it's evident that revisiting the past has several perks, there are a few caveats. Just like an amusement park, it's fine to visit but you cannot stay there forever. At some point, the park closes and all visitors are asked to leave. Enjoy the past when necessary but don't reside there indefinitely. Use it as a perk for living in the present and planning for the future. In that way, it will serve you well.      
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SIMPLY … what you can to do to be more successful.
SIMPLY … what you can do to be a better supervisor of people.
SIMPLY … what you can do to be more intense.
SIMPLY … what you can do to be more aware: continually question what is & see beyond what is apparent.
SIMPLY … what you can do to develop instincts.
SIMPLY … what you can do to be more positive.
SIMPLY … what you can do to have more integrity.
SIMPLY … what you can do to find your purpose.
SIMPLY … what you can do to eliminate and prevent workplace harassment.
SIMPLY … what you can do to reduce workplace injuries.
SIMPLY … what you can do to keep a union-free workplace
SIMPLY … what you can do to educate your managers about employment law.
SIMPLY … what you can do to educate your managers about labor law.
SIMPLY … what you can do to educate your managers about personal injury law.
SIMPLY … what you can do to educate your managers about contract law.
SIMPLY … what you can do to educate your managers about overtime law.
SIMPLY … what you can do to educate your managers about environmental law.
SIMPLY … what you can do to educate your managers about intellectual property law.
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 Exercise is Powerful Medicine!

Hi.  Dr. Steve here, Health and Wellness Expert and Proud California Native Son-Where the women are strong, the men fair to look upon and the children just downright cheeky!

Speaking of the home state, valuing the importance of exercise and wellness has always been one of the key strengths and success secrets of California corporations, businesses and its citizens.

The bottom line is that a vibrant, healthy, and happy workforce and community  translates to vibrantly healthy and prosperous  companies.  Here in the “Golden State” we have learned that health is wealth and we want to share that blessing and information with the rest of the world.

So in the next several articles we are going to focus on exactly how you can use EXERCISE AS POWERFUL MEDICINE… Medicine that fires up your metabolism, gives you more energy-all while burning fat and building lean muscle at the same time.

But most importantly, exercise is medicine that makes for happy, healthy cells. The benefit to you is side-stepping disease and decline and living life to the fullest.

So let’s torch off that unhealthy extra weight, finally pull those smaller sizes out of the closet and look and feel absolutely amazing!  Does that sound good-Are you in?

In the next series of articles you are going to get the answers to 3 critical questions about weight loss, wellness and fitness that I get asked all the time.

  1. Why can’t I get rid of this gosh darn weight!
  2. Why does my body seem to be going to hell in a hand-basket!
  3. Why do I feel tired, off my game, and pretty much like cr-p most of the time?

If you can relate to any of these 3 questions then you are in the right place and stayed tuned. They will be answered to your full satisfaction as we go along…And no worries-you will be shown how to start turning this around ASAP.

We are actually going to go pretty deep on awareness next and especially awareness of how your current approach to exercise is preventing you from losing that gosh darn weight and getting healthy and fit.  This is also likely the reason that you feel sick or tired most of the time, why you feel like your body is falling apart and why you are less able to do all of the activities you love.

This information is also for you if you want a quick Las Vegas Divorce from the muffin top; “baby got back”, thunder thighs, turkey neck, flabby arms or as my cheeky daughter calls all of it-the “Bajiggly”!

Or maybe your doctor told you if you don’t do something about your weight, blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure you will need medication--for life!

Perhaps you need to know how to exercise when travelling or crunched for time.

Maybe you (and your boss ) are very concerned about all the time you have missed from work and you are always getting sick.

Or you want to ease that cursed joint and back pain and be less stiff.

So if any of this hits home, no worries. We will fix it-stay tuned!  Exercise is truly powerful  and natural holistic medicine.   It is much more effective than the alternative--meaning counting solely on pills, supplements, procedures and surgery to make you thin or make you whole.

To Your Vibrant Lean Fitness and Living Long and Living Well,

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P.S. Next Wellness Lesson Coming up:  Confession time- How I gained 30 pounds of flab in 1 year and then turned it around using Exercise as Medicine to get healthy and thin.

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Dr. Steve 65 years young, lean and fit Using the ATM Formula

Get Your Complimentary video series to learn more at:

Dr Steve Health and Wellness Expert and Turn Back Your Clock Doc

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Wendy Donovan Phillips, president of Big Buzz Brands, has provided clients with marketing consultation since 2000. Wendy joined a Denver brand agency in 2004 and was named Junior Partner in 2006. Today, Wendy and her team offer branding consultation, marketing planning and marketing execution. Wendy’s work has been published in The Hollywood ReporterThe WashingtonTimes, several Tribune Company newspapers and The Denver Business Journal, among other publications. She has worked on such brands as Warner Brothers, Disney, TheMetropolitan Opera, Ultimate Fighting Championship and The Rolling Stones.  She has been recognized by The American Marketing Association and The Colorado Association of Black Journalists for excellence in writing. She has spoken in front of various dental StudyClubs and will present a three-day course on online marketing in front of the Metro Denver Dental Society in Spring 2011. Big Buzz Brands perpetuates truth and offers opportunity through marketing delivery systems that are precise and easy to execute. The company specializes in marketing for the healthcare, natural resources and affordable housing industries.  
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Many leaders are persons who function at a blazing pace. Most leaders want to move faster than do followers. So, what is the proper speed of leadership? There are times that call for leaders to work at a brisk pace. The danger of moving too fast however, is that the leader may end up pushing the followers instead of leading them. There are times when a leader must work at a fast pace. There are times when a leader must work at a moderate pace. And there are times when a leader needs to be in low gear. The wise leader is the one who knows when to work at which pace. Years ago when I was in the produce business, I drove a 2 ½ ton 900 series Ford truck. It had a two-speed axle and a low gear of which I seldom used. The old timers called that low gear the “granny gear” or “bulldog.” When in this lowest of gears the maximum speed of the vehicle was probably about three miles per hour. However, there were occasions when the “bulldog” or “granny gear” was needed. When the truck was loaded to capacity and had to start its journey uphill, low gear was the answer. Use low gear leadership when entering a new position of leadership and/or a new relationship. Use low gear leadership when seeking to change longstanding traditions. Use low gear leadership when introducing and implementing radical ideas. Remember, leading effectively does not always require you to travel at high speed!
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Success happens when you see yourself—your strengths and weaknesses--clearly.   By Beate Chelette, The Women’s Code   If you’ve ever watched American Idol, you’ve seen weekly examples of what I call the denial phenomenon. During auditions, particularly untalented singers seem to firmly believe that they are amazing. Their ill-fated and often horrible auditions are followed by utter disbelief that they are not “going to Hollywood.” That got me thinking. As business owners, what if we say and do things that are unwittingly boycotting our own success?   While things like talent, IQ and, of course, the hard work we put in all factor in to our success, these can all be overridden by one look or comment that we are not even aware we are projecting. In my leadership guide, “The Women’s Code,” I talk about seeing things—and ourselves-- clearly in order to uncover who we are and where that fits into what we are trying to achieve. Among the most important of these principles is honest self-evaluation.   Honest Self-Evaluation   We like to have an image of ourselves as kind, successful, generous, and whatever your desired attributes are. But the reality is that often we are not quite that, but something different.   Let me give you an example from my own life. My daughter once told me that I intimidate some people. I was shocked because I see myself as strong and opinionated, but not overbearing.  But what if I was actually coming across that way and was alienating some clients and friends in the process? Was I that far off in my own self-evaluation?   It required some deep digging and a few painful realizations after observing my own behavior and asking some trusted friends and colleagues for feedback. Finally, I decided that I do need to tone down in some areas. Let’s just say I smile a lot more and think before I speak more often!   Leveraging Your Strengths   On the other hand, ask yourself: What makes you stand out? What do people truly respond to the most? What are your best qualities? To find the answers try these simple steps:
  • Ask your clients what they like about your work the most and why.
  • Listen intently when people talk about you or recommend your services to others. This means not cutting them off when they start to show praise – let them finish and take note of their exact words.
  • Ask friends or close colleagues what they think you are really good at Identify what brings you the most—and least—new clients or repeat business.
  • Finally, which tasks do you love to do and which do you struggle with?
  Chances are that in your business you are not equally as good at everything you do. It’s true for all of us. We like to think that we are the most qualified for every task even if we don’t like to do them. This is where honest self-evaluation comes in. Once you recognize that the reason you don’t like to do something might very well be because you are no good at it, it will be easy to let go of those tasks that others can do better. The good news is, the things you are good at are probably those that make you money, so for the sake of cash flow, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t!   In my case, I like numbers especially when they are positive. And although I’m pretty good at doing my own accounting – I hate doing it. So I found someone who is better and faster at running the numbers so now I’m free to work on the things I like most, such as coaching my clients to build their businesses. Which in turn brings me more money.   What can you let go of so you can focus more on moneymaking tasks? The Power of Work In his bestselling book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell examines in detail a number of so called overnight successes and found that their successes are largely a result of consistent work. These people had incredible opportunity, yes, because they happened to be at the right place at the right time. But they also shared attributes of discipline, passion and hard work. In all cases, they put in more than 10,000 hours before they became “overnight” successes. When you put 10,000 hours into something, you will likely become very good at it, regardless of your talent or IQ. That is when you become, as in my case, a 13-year overnight success. It’s why some make it and others don’t. They give up too soon. Commit to making improvements by being using your time more efficiently to build on your strengths. You can study how-to books, blog articles, or go to conferences to develop skills. Always be learning. In short, be prepared to work on the skills that will get you what you where you want to be.   Excellence will become your lifestyle   Is it enough for you to just to get it done or do you want to leave a mark? If you want to be noticed in a good way, you consistently have to make the extra effort it takes to be not just good, but great.   The best part is, once you go down this road to success, you can't really turn around and go back to just skimming by. Excellence has now become your lifestyle. Regardless of where you are today or how smooth or bumpy your current path may be, if you do an honest self-evaluation, leverage your strengths and put the hours in, you will succeed. Or at least you will better understand why you’re not going to Hollywood.
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"Undercover Boss" is one of my favorite shows. Every Friday night a CEO “discovers” good people when he cuts through management layers, policies and processes to learn the truth about his organization. By becoming a participating member in these processes, he finds people in problem solving mode every day and managers that show poor leadership by refusing to address the root causes of the problems. Managers frequently refuse to fix problems that hide the potential of assets and people to deliver better results. Why? Because THEY BELIEVE THEY HAVE THE AUTHORITY to do so. If you could change those beliefs, the bottom line and culture would improve, which makes changing management team mindsets about their roles in change worth a lot!  
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According to Webster's Dictionary a visionary among other things is an inspired individual.  This definition resonates with me because as a culture we are in desperate need of such persons. Wouldn't you agree that the Mars landing was an inspirational event?  It was a stellar visionary enterprise within the milieu of our local stars. I would like, however, to direct your attention to a visionary who is an earth-crust dweller much like ourselves.   Her name is Sasha Kramer.  Sasha Kramer has a doctorate from Stanford University in Ecology.  She is from New York and her primal passion is "poop."  Yes, I said, "Poop."  In her own words:  "I wasn't thinking about the poop as poop.  I was thinking about it as nitrogen.  It made sense to me that, if I'm eating all this nutrient-rich food, then I'm producing all this nutrient-rich waste, and there must be some way to kill the pathogens and reuse the nutrients." Sasha Kramer made trips to Haiti as a volunteer  human rights monitor after the coup that toppled the regime of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.  It was in Haiti when she was in need of the basic necessity of a toilet and found that too to be scarce that it became clear to her how important a toilet was not only for health but also for human dignity. That experience proved to be a visionary awakening for Sasha.  In 2006 she completed her Ph.D and then co-founded SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods), and moved to Haiti and built public toilets from which the waste would be harvested and used in agriculture. SOIL has built some 200 simple composting latrines in Haiti and once a week collects thousands of gallons of human waste.  The waste is send to one of three composting sites where is it converted into pathogen free fertilizer.  Sasha is eager to share her novel and boldly visionary idea with others.  She is an inspiration.  Sasha knows that"toilets may not be the sexiest sell on the planet...But if you go into a community and say, "You can be a part of changing the agricultural landscape of this country (Haiti), you can be apart of fighting hunger through using these toilets,...people get really excited." Our world needs more Sasha's.  Our world needs more positive visionaries such as she.
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