Black Belt Leader as Beginner: Part Five


“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


On November 22, 1968, a Japanese Airlines pilot, Captain Kohei Ashoh, was landing a DC-8 at the San Francisco International Airport. Due to heavy fog and other factors he was unable to land the plane properly, and instead of landing the aircraft on the runway, he brought the plane down in the waters of the San Francisco Bay, two miles short of the runway. All survived and there were no injuries. Later, at the NTSB hearing Captain Ashoh took the stand, and when he was asked how he managed to land the aircraft in the bay, the veteran pilot replied, “As you Americans say, I f––d up!” Japan Airlines didn’t fire Captain Ashoh. They demoted him to co-pilot and gave him a leave of absence. In six months time, he was back flying again.


As "Black Belt Leaders in the Making,” how do you respond to the errors you or others make? Are you as forgiving as Japan Airlines was with Captain Ashoh? Or do you continue to blame yourself or chastise others? Whatever it is that you do, what is the rationale behind your actions?