Black Belt Leader as Beginner: Part Eleven


“The only lasting truth is Change.”

? Octavia E. Butler


Change cannot be managed any more than we can direct the rising and setting of the sun. Change is too dynamic and unpredictable for that. The nature of change is mysterious since it is a manifestation of the natural world, which is rooted in mystery. What we, as “Black Belt Leaders in the Making,” can do, though, is facilitate the experience of change, i.e. make it easier, by pointing out — to those we lead — the roadblocks and pitfalls that we’ve seen others fall into. We can remind our followers, when they are facing change, to keep their focus on what they want, what’s most important to them, and to be open to the growth change naturally brings. We can also look at our own resistance to the experience of change, since it is an ongoing fact of our professional lives.  


Change never happens the same way twice. It would be presumptuous of us — no matter how experienced we are as leaders — to assume change repeats itself. With beginner’s mind, we can best embrace the process of change, because the beginner does not carry baggage of the past nor hold any expectation of what the future might bring. The beginner is focused on the here and now. Nervous as we might be about facing change, we as “Black Belt Leaders in the Making” can make room for our curiosity, too, and appreciate the flutter of excitement in our hearts as we sit on the edge of our seats and wonder what is going to happen next.