I am often asked by clients to map out a massive change initiative within their organization.  Change fitness habits, improve nutrition, add pre-shift stretching and improve employee wellness.  As a society we are “I want it now” society, namely give me a pill or a shot and make it all better, but change does not work that way.  Lets examine a few simple ways to bring about lasting change.

1) Map out the course in small but clear steps.  We cant tell employees to get fit, it’s to vague.  We must tell employees to do something solid like “do these 3 stretches before every meeting” or all “meetings will be done standing”.

2) Utilize team work, peer pressure and herd mentality.  Organizations often under-utilize or neglect the power of group think and herd mentality to move an organization into a state of positive change.

3) Empower all employees.  Any employee from the janitor to the VP must have the ability to step up and champion, lead, design and cajole all employees forward.  Health, wellness and ultimately productivity and happiness are tied together.

To make an organization cohesive we must rally the herd while defining a clear and actionable path to employee  fitness, wellness and health.