As a subject matter expert, author, speaker/trainer and all around fitness and wellness guy I am often asked the same question over and over again.  Why do you do all that crazy stuff when you work out?  Flipping tires, sprinting up the biggest hill I can find, turning a play ground into a big functional fitness gym, choosing to eat healthy…this list is endless!

Frankly I do these things for a few reasons.

1. As a therapist I have seen what pain and disability does to the body and the human spirit.

2. As a Paramedic I choose to not become one of the gravely ill and slowly dying I have treated from a disease that is 100% preventable through wellness.

3. As a consultant and trainer I know what happens when you take your eye off the ball, the pounds sneak on real fast, wellness declines, injury increases and productivity drops.

4. Because it’s there!  Some of the best players on some of the most productive “teams” are athletes.   The ability to push ones self physically translates into the ability to push ones self and a “team” mentally.  Is the hill physical and real or mental and related to a project.  No matter because to get up the hill takes drive, determination, team work and good old fashioned hard work.

So instead of asking why, understand that to succeed both personally and organizationally is to attack the issue because it’s there!  Once we know what the issue is we can employ or athletic mentality to push through and succeed.