Having a humble, helpful Attitude of love and respect toward everyone we touch is the only sensible Attitude.

The idea that there’s a boundary between self and others, that we can see ourselves as valuable and loveable if we are harming someone else, is false and denies the connection that we all share.
The harm in denying our mutual identity is that this Attitude is passed on to new generations of people who never realize their responsibility for the effect their Attitudes have on those around them.
Our mutual identity is clear when it is realized that we each have what, for the sake of clarity, we’ll call an Attitude bucket.  An Attitude bucket contains a person’s identity, what they think of themselves—their self esteem—their level of self respect. In other words, this bucket contains their ATTITUDE.
What increases the importance of our Attitude buckets is that they’re all connected. Whatever I do that affects your Attitude bucket is going to also affect my Attitude bucket. If I do something, show you disrespect somehow, that impacts your self esteem in a negative way, it’s like I’m poking holes in your Attitude bucket. The important thing to remember about Attitude buckets is that whatever I do to affect your Attitude bucket affects my Attitude bucket in the same way.
When I poke holes in your Attitude bucket, I’m poking holes in my own Attitude bucket.
When I make positive additions to your Attitude bucket, I’m making positive additions to my own Attitude bucket.
That’s why we’re given the golden rule: Love others as you love yourself.
Why should we love others? Because, there are no boundaries between our Attitude buckets.
Boundaries are an illusion