How much do you enjoy being around grumpy, complaining negative people?  They may provide great material for a comedy routine but not for increasing morale, productivity or profit.

Employees generally tend toward one of three categories:  white knights, milk toast, red ants.

White knights go above and beyond their job description.  They are always seeking ways to make the job and the company more productive, more profitable and more enjoyable.  They generally come in early and probably stay late.  Once they complete all of their tasks, they offer to assist others in order to meet all of the desired deadlines.  White knights receive raises and promotions.

Milk toast show up and complete their basic duties – nothing more or less.  At five o’clock and 30 seconds, they are gone for the day.  Milk toast don’t cause any trouble but they do not go out of their way to assist others either.  To them, it is just a job; they trade time for dollars and leave.

Red ants are always nipping at people, stirring up trouble, and complaining about everything.  Even worse than their own complaining is the fact that they entice others to complain as well.  In order to maintain a harmonious working environment, fire the red ants.  Document the infractions carefully, of course, but remove them from the culture.  Red ants are seldom rehabilitated.  They are first cousins to “Grumpy” of the seven dwarfs; even “Grumpy” does not invite them to family reunions.

There are people who wake up with a sugar attitude and those who wake up with a lemon peel attitude.  What is your attitude?  What attitude do you choose for your friends and associates?  Your attitude will get you everywhere.  Your decision is where do you want to go?  Do you want to saunter into the glassed in corner office on the executive wing?  Or do you prefer to stand in the unemployment line or sit on a barstool with other whiners?  Your choice.  Your attitude.  Your results.

Maintaining a calm, helpful attitude despite the circumstances results in a desirable working atmosphere for all concerned.  When employees are happier, they tend to be more cooperative.  Happier employees tend to reduce turnover.  Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training new employees becomes expensive.  Create a winning mindset and corporate culture in order to diffuse almost any negative encounters.  The attitude rolls down from the top.  Even if you supervise one employee, you are a leader.  Your attitude counts.

How can you implement a calming influence on your day to day encounters?  What will you possibly achieve by NOT exhibiting a calming influence?  A positive mindset is a winning mindset.   When you are creating a winning mindset, you are more focused on the overall benefit than on your own ego.  Your attitude radiates out from every word, gesture, and facial expression.  Your attitude will get you everywhere you choose to go, whether that is a positive place or a negative place.  Winning attitudes focus on the benefit for others.  Negative attitudes focus on “what’s in it for me.”

Examine the situations in your daily life.  Are you demonstrating a winning attitude?  Your attitude will get you everywhere.  Choose carefully.

For more productivity, more fulfillment and more profit, tap into and maintain a positive attitude.