Abraham Lincoln’s Attitude Exemplified Persistence
Persistence Is Stronger than Failure. Don’t ever give up! Take heart, even Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s greatest presidents, was no stranger to failure. Here is a brief summary of his career:
§ Failed in business                                                      1831
§ Defeated for legislature                                           1832
§ Failed in business again                                          1833
§ Elected to legislature                                               1834
§ Sweetheart died                                                         1835
§ Had nervous breakdown                                        1836
§ Defeated for speaker                                                1838
§ Defeated for elector                                                  1840
§ Defeated for congressional nomination            1843
§ Elected for Congress                                                  1846
§ Defeated for Congress                                                1848
§ Defeated for Senate                                                     1855
§ Defeated for Vice President                                     1856
§ Defeated for Senate                                                     1859
§ Elected President of the United States                1860
Why was Abe Lincoln elected president? A key reason is because he didn’t quit trying, no matter how many times he failed, he didn’t quit. Winners Don’t Quit! Few people have suffered more personal, professional, and political adversity than Abraham Lincoln. Few people have had a more persistent Attitude. Because he persisted in the face of failure, he emerged victorious.
The model Mr. Lincoln gave us with his persistence is one we can remember in the face of our greatest setbacks. The most wonderfully powerful quality in all of this is something we can ourselves control, our Attitudes. Only you can control what your Attitude will be. Only you can decide whether you will stay the course.
Remember to keep pushing. Winners Don’t Quit!