The current of life is always moving. Life can be understood to be like swimming upstream; the speed of the currant depends upon our Attitudes. We are either moving forward or backward. If we relax and just float, the current carries us downstream, away from our goals.

For years, goals filled my thoughts, day and night. My goals were to walk and talk and drive efficiently enough to at least serve a practical purpose. When I attained these basic goals, my goals gradually became more refined. Today my goals involve my interactions. They are things like learning to delay gratification and practice patience, being kind and generous, putting my own wants on the back burner while I try to see things from someone else’s viewpoint.
I know from the health of my relationships that I have come a long way in attaining these goals, but I also know from the health of my relationships that there is still further i can go.
The most simple and profound truth I’ve discovered about relationships is that no matter how good and kind my motives are, the only Attitude that works at all in relationships between myself and anything or anyone else is the Attitude of acceptance.
By having an Attitude of acceptance toward anything or anyone I meet, I am free to progress toward my goal of experiencing only happiness, peace and joy. Anytime I have a problem with anything or anyone, it is because I am not accepting something about the person, place, thing or situation I’m having a problem with.
My goal is to make a bit of progress everyday toward the place of accepting the whole of life on life’s terms.