The power of Attitude, believing in one’s own ability-strength-destiny is made crystal clear in The Dave Clark Story. 

Imagine being 5-foot-2 and playing professional baseball. And not just playing, but also managing, coaching, scouting, owning a professional barnstorming team that toured the country, and traveling Europe as a representative of Major League Baseball. And along the way, he nearly got “the call” to the major leagues as a pitcher.

Now imagine doing it all on crutches due to polio.

That’s the incredible and inspiring tale at the heart of Diamond in the Rough: The Dave Clark Story, written by sportswriter Roger Neumann, as told by Dave Clark.

This is so much more than a baseball story and much more than a sports book, although Dave also has played hockey and golf and other physical games – again, all while using crutches to get around.

As an infant in Corning, New York, Dave contracted polio that stunted his growth and left him without the full use of his legs. But despite that, and perhaps because of it, he was driven to excel in physical competition against so-called able-bodied people.

The Dave Clark story is likely the greatest “mostly unknown” professional sports account of our time and teaches unforgettable life lessons that give hope to anyone facing a challenge whether large or small.

Dave is now married, has a daughter and a son, and lives in Florida. He currently shares his inspirational story around the world, is a scout for the Baltimore Orioles and a radio analyst for the Florida Everblades .

“Dave Clark’s story is an astonishing blend of fact and fact. It only reads like fiction, but one could never make up the battles he has waged, the obstacles he has overcome, the victories that were finally his.”