When you have a winning Attitude, you do everything you possibly can to prepare to win. Because you’re PREPARED to win, you EXPECT to win.

The measure of how prepared a person is, is whether they are able to perform at the top of their abilities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting beaten by somebody who has greater abilities than your own, but there is great shame in getting beaten by a lesser rival who beats you only because they’re better prepared.

In 1963, in the Final Four, in the last few seconds of the game, UCLA lost to Cincinnati (who won it all that year). However, in the eyes of world renown Coach John Wooden, his UCLA players were winners. Why?

Because they came as close as they could to playing the best they could. “That’s a wonderful accomplishment! Goodness gracious sakes, am I proud of that effort. So proud, even now.”
A Winning Attitude doesn’t quit Preparing.