Wooden is said by many fans, team members, teammates and opponents to be the greatest basketball coach of all time. The Attitudes he taught the teams he coached, Attitudes like teamwork, personal excellence, dedication, discipline, focus, organization and leadership are the same Attitudes anyone needs to succeed in the real world.

Wooden taught his players one primary objective: Be the best you can be in whatever situation or circumstance you find yourself. He taught his players to not worry about the score, their image, or the opponent.
His teaching technique was simple: He taught by example. Colleagues say he worked harder, longer, smarter and was more dedicated, loyal, concerned, caring, detailed, meticulous, and enthusiastic than anyone they ever worked with.
John Wooden never had to say he was the one in charge. He never had to give rah, rah speeches to get your attention. He led by being himself. Wooden was more interested in the process, in doing things right, than in the result.
So it is with Attitude. Focusing on keeping a right Attitude will produce the desired results as sure as correctly planting an apple seed and correctly caring for will produce an apple tree.