As stated in my previous customer service post, it is important that you meet the customers’ expectations, not just your own expectations.


And how do you know whether or not you are meeting customers’ expectations? To assure that you are meeting customers’ expectations you need to have excellent customer listening systems in place.


1. Do you have a complaint handling system through which the customers can voice their concerns?


2. Do you have a complaint escalation system in case your first line employees are not able to fully satisfy the customers’ needs?


3.  Do you have a proactive problem-handling system to correct the root causes of the most serious categories of customer complaints?


4. Do you have a customer satisfaction policy that is well known by all of your employees who interact with customers?


5. Do you have regular customer focus groups?


6. Do you conduct at least an annual random, valid survey of your customers and thoroughly follow up on the results?


7. Do you have a warranty or guarantee policy that is widely published to all customers?


8. Do you have an ombudsman for the customer placed in a high position within management?


If you have all eight of the above in place then you at least have a good start on a world-class customer listening system.