If you look around, most of the successful companies treat their employees like family…a functional family that is!  My core belief is this:  When you go to the hospital to pick up your child and begin to wheel mom and the baby down to begin their lives together…the stork or whichever god you believe in, visits your car in the parking lot and puts a load of bricks into the trunk.  From that moment forward, you have two choices of what you can do with those bricks.  You can either build a PATH with them, for you child to walk safely on every day…or you can build a wall between you.

That philosophy works the same at work as well.  From the day your employee is hired, do they know you’d do anything to help them succeed?  Do you make clear that taking risks will be rewarded regardless of outcome?  Do you get angry when a mistake is made?  Is there enough communication from management that employees have an idea of what is expected and how they might be able to help each day?

That’s what works at home.  If you haven’t tried some of these values, you might not be enabling your children/employees to give to the best of their abilities.  If you take away fear and doubt, which are the biggest cripplers of children and employees, you might be surprised at how well they respond to that kind of support.

So just think next time before you act in words, body language or actions…am I building a path or a wall?