Qi and blood are two essential elements to achieve a person’s balance of body and mind. A person in the balanced state of body and mind definitely will contribute a marvelous effect in his life and work.
Here I like to introduce two formulas for helping our bodies qi and blood.
1. Si Juen Zi Tang (four gentlemen’s decoction), for qi boosting, its ingredients as: ginseng, actractylodes, poria coco, licorice root.
2. Si Wu Tang (four agents decoction), for blood boosting, its ingredients as: angelica sinensis, rehamannia, peony bark, ligustic root.
If a person who is short of qi and blood, he/she needs to use a formula which includes all these herbal ingredients. Formulas like: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan (boost center, increase qi pills), or Gui Pi Wan (return spleen pills) are good choice.