Can Your Attitude be a Solution to Addiction?

Addiction Attitudes can have holds of supernatural power; their grip feels strong as death. This post is about the solution many people have

discovered to be the only LASTING SOLUTION.


Addiction Attitudes can involve anything from drugs and alcohol to food, resentment, self pity, hyper sensitivity or any

other selfish, self serving behavior.


The person in the grip of addiction may give up on living. They can feel dead, like they should be buried. Living a happy or

productive life may seem like the impossible dream.


Family and friends may give up on the addicted and their “insane” Attitudes. They may distance themselves, saying the

addicted ones are a waste of their time. Whether the “insanity” is self induced or of a more sinister origin, there is a solution. There is a way to have

sanity restored.


Where does the addiction begin?


The addicted may have gone so far into their addiction that they have broken all restraints. They mistakenly struggle to be free from the control of

society and loved ones, only to discover that their bondage doesn’t come from outside sources, but from their own self-serving


Things can get so bad, all hope seems lost. But where there is still life, there is still hope.

Twelve step programs…

which had their beginnings in the original 12 step program developed by Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson back in 1935 provide a map leading us out of

the jungle of obstinacy, sensitivities and unreasoning prejudices to a place where addicts see themselves in right relation to other people, places

and things.

Realizing that over indulging in sex, food, alcohol, needs for attention or anything else is a symptom of a deeper problem happens in the early

stages of recovery. Another occasion that occurs early in recovery is realizing and admitting that certain Attitudes have also been source of



Twelve step groups that provide places for people to give and receive experience, strength and hope are time tested places where people learn to

have a Spiritual experience that results in them having new Attitudes of love, peace and patience. Speaking to

participants reveals the incredible value of maintaining a Teamwork type Attitude.


The ongoing result of this spiritual awakening is a new Attitude that is more peaceful than any Attitude the 

spiritually awakened say they have previously known.


And it’s for sure more peaceful than any of the previous Attitudes I’ve held.


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