The definition of adaption: ” To change, adjust or conform to suit a new or different purpose.”

Adapting for many people can be difficult because they don’t want to change.   However, the only thing that stays the same in the world are changes, so adapting is necessary for survival not only in business, but also in everyday life.  Technology today is rapidly changing our world.

To adapt, is a crucial principle in sports for a team to win, just like in the workforce for a business to survive and thrive.


Pro athletes must adapt to:

  • new players on their team
  • new environment playing on the road
  • training their body
  • different weather conditions on the road
  • new plays
  • rebounding after setbacks
  • body injuries
  • new challenges on the field or court
  • other player’s attitudes
  • following leadership

Great business people must adapt to:

  • new co-workers
  • new policies
  • learning new systems
  • rebounding after company losses
  • changes in the workplace
  • progress
  • other people’s moods
  • performing on the road
  • new technology
  • following leadership


When adaptation is necessary to keep up with changes in the workplace  it’s common for staff to grouse and reminisce about the good ol days, but that is living in the past.  Then there are those who are worrying about what changes will come next.  That’s not adapting that’s living in the future.

Some people equate adapting to giving up.  However, a survey of the wealthiest business people in America revealed that adapting was one of their most common practices along with a great attitude to help them prosper.

The best way to adapt to any situation is to learn to live in the moment.  This means doing what has to be done without allowing your mind to attach a story to the changes by complaining how things use to be.  This only creates stress and frustration for yourself and others.

To become a great business champion, sport the right attitude and adapt.

“If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward.”

~John Wooden, One of the most revered coaches,
winning ten NCAA national championships in a 12-year period, seven in a row.

Walter H. Jackson, Msc.D. is a keynote speaker and author of “Sporting the Right Attitude: Lessons Learned in a Trouble Family,” a finalist in the USA Book News Awards.  More about Walter