“There are people who will always come up with reasons why you can’t do what you want to do.  Ignore them!”

Words of wisdom passed to me by my father and they have guided me through ownership of three corporations and a university presidency!  Leadership is not easy – and it’s not a popularity contest. While challenging and invigorating, it also demands discipline.

Speaking to bankers, corporate executives, higher education trustees and many other groups, I have outlined some of the pitfalls and benefits of effective leadership.  Responsible positions of leadership, especially in today’s society,  where everything is moving at a faster pace, requires individuals capable of adapting to the situation as well as being able of bring everyone together.  Lots of people want positions of leadership – but not all are capable of being successful.  Perhaps another quote tells us why:  “Seek opportunity, not security.  A boat in the harbor is safe, but in time its bottom will rot out!”