One fact of life that most people forget to attach to anything is that “there are no guarantees in life”.  I suppose it is human nature to want good health, financial security, a family that loves you and much more.  Unfortunately everything “good” in life has to be worked for and far too many citizens fall into the trap of expecting someone to come along and provide their needs.  For about 50 years our “tooth fairy” politicians, in conjunction with a complicit and irresponsible news media have drummed into the head of Americans that government (i.e. politicians) is capable of providing health care.  The fallacy of this logic is that, one; politicians tell us that health insurance is necessary for everyone desiring good health, and this is a lie, and two; these same politicians tell us that they are capable of managing a national health care program, and this will soon be proven to be a lie as well if Obamacare ever becomes a reality.

The truth is that government is a miserable failure when it comes to managing anything successfully.  Occasionally during speaking opportunities I will ask anyone in the audience to name a government program that has been successful.  One answer I receive often is “social security”, which is a wrong answer because the system is scheduled to go broke in the near future.  Another answer I receive is “our military”, and while our military is certainly the strongest in the world, all of our weapons systems are developed and produced by private enterprise.

This brings us to the topic of this particular blog, “a sure fix for health care”.  The assumption is that the realistic goal of everyone should be to achieve “better health” in our lives, because after all, perfect health is impossible.  There are no guarantees that any of us will attain a healthy old age.  In fact, just the other day I read where a 30 years old man, who was a teacher and a football coach, dropped dead of a heart attack.  The truth is that none of us know when our life will end, or how.  I don’t know if this 30 years old man had health insurance, but I assume he did and the truth is it guaranteed him nothing.  The best fix for our health care system is to get politics out of health care and have each individual assume responsibility for their own health by eating and exercising properly. By eating and exercising properly everyone would eliminate over 50% of all illnesses they could possibly come down with.  Do this and each person’s DNA will determine how long we live, provided some accident doesn’t cut life short.  Remember: there are no guarantees in life and good health cannot be given to anyone, it has to be earned and fought for by each individual.

In my new book “Health Care 911” one chapter is devoted to 10 tenets for better health.  There are 10 thing explained that each and every one of you can do to improve your health, and all of the tenets can be achieved and practiced without any help what so ever from government.