Today, many businesses are constantly changing their direction, their management team, staff, and the general way they do business to keep up with the competition because of the economy.

For those employees who have been with a company for a while, and are not considered new, this can be unnerving to say the least.

Just when you think, you have your job down pat, you’re told to do it differently, faster,  or you have added responsibility with the same amount of money, which throws off your entire work schedule.

So how do you deal with these changes?

First, don’t take the changes personally.  It’s called business.

Second, let go of telling yourself a story about the changes.  This only adds to your anxiety, and may make you depressed.  So if you decide to stay on the job, for your peace of mind drop the stories with these types of inner dialogues:

“It’s getting worse and worse around here.”

“Management doesn’t care about us.”

“Something even more disgusting  is about to happen.”

“This work load is going to put me in the hospital.”

“They’re trying to make us quit so they can hire new younger people for less money.”

Third, don’t ignore your feelings, treat them mindfully.  How? Find a quiet place.  If you feel overwhelmed by the changes at work, go in the bathroom, or go to lunch alone, or wait until you get home.

Think of your feelings, not your made-up stories about the changes.

Your feelings are anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety and others.  Where is it in your body you notice those feelings?   Often when you have strong negative feelings about something, you tense up inside.  This raises your blood pressure and creates even more stress than the changes.

Do you feel the anger, or sadness in your chest or stomach?  Some people feel it in their neck or other areas.  Does it feel like a sharp pain or a dull ache?  Does it have a color?  Is it moving?

Open up and allow that feeling to go.  Holding on, suppressing or ignoring those types of feelings only escalates your stress and creates toxins in your body.

By placing your attention on your feelings; you are practicing Mindfulness.  And, you are creating a space in your body/mind to release the toxic feelings.  Suddenly, you will automatically feel better about change.

Practice Mindfulness for your feelings with everything as much as possible.  You’ll notice that your attitude about life becomes hopeful again. You don’t have to work at trying to have a good attitude, it will come naturally.


“Nothing remains the same but changes.” Anonymous

Walter H. Jackson, Msc.D. is the author of “Sporting the Right Attitude: Lessons Learned in a Trouble Family,” a finalist in the USA Book News Awards.More Info on Walter: