Here  is what most people say when they're told relaxing reduces stress and changes their attitude.

“RELAX?!  How can I let go and relax?   I have this to do.  I gotta go here.  I gotta go there.  People are pulling on me.  My job is stressing me out.  They're talking about cut-backs.  My kids need this, my boss needs that from me.  I don’t have enough time.”

Exactly!  That’s why you have to let go. You are carrying a lot of stress.  You'll find your attitude toward even the most irritating task is better.

Stress affects not only your moods, it definitely affects your body. where it is stored and creates toxins and illness.

A certain amount of stress is normal.  However, more than ever we are all under constant stress, even if we’re not working.


Because of wonderful technology we are bombarded with negatives.  The world problems are always in our faces.  Before it was just the media talking about what was wrong in the world and we could turn off the three  television channels.  Now we have hundreds of channels to choose from and everyone has a voice because of FaceBook, Twitter, blogs, forums, and other outlets.  And, of course, just like on this blog, there are comment sections on everything.

Other people’s negative opinions can cause you stress on your body.  Even if you are casually surfing the web on a Sunday afternoon, you are bound to run into someone’s problems, or someone talking about someone else’s problems, which trigger your own, or create fears and worries.  Most of all it creates stress.

There is so much noise in our heads these days from everyone’s chatter, even on this blog.

So just as you take the time to brush your teeth, make it a practice to sit down and be quiet for your own sanity and inner peace.

According to

  • Forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress.
  • Seventy-five percent to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.
  • Stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) declared stress a hazard of the workplace. Stress costs American industry more than $300 billion annually.
  • The lifetime prevalence of an emotional disorder is more than 50%, often due to chronic, untreated stress reactions.


You can do this by sitting quietly to observe your breath, which calms your body and mind.

However, it’s not easy just to start observing your breath, even for trained mediators like me who has been meditating for at least 30 years.


Here is what I do to start the meditative process, and minimize stress throughout the day.

I have found videos that help me  unwind.  I keep these videos running on our big-screen television in the house and on our laptops as I work.  Some people may say it’s expensive running videos on your television all day.  Maybe, but so are  high-blood pressure medications, surgeries, and other things we humans pick up from stress-related illnesses.

I sit in from of these videos when I first get up in the morning, and before I go to sleep.  Then I meditate.

The ocean videos are our favorites, and we give them as gifts.  They have the option of clicking on music as you watch the waves, or not.  Try only listening to the waves without the music, because the tides are just like your breath going in and out.  You can synchronize your breath. Turn on the relaxing music portion when you are working.

There are plenty of FREE ocean, rain, aquarium, waterfall r relaxing videos on YouTube, but they often freeze over ten minutes.   Spend a few dollars (2 less Starbucks coffees) to buy any stress release video because they play in a loop until you turn them off.

I love fish, but it was stressful, not to mention expensive, trying to keep our fish healthy and the tank clean, so  now I have an aquarium DVD on my television.

Another tip:  Set your home page to the Google Search page, or a relaxing site.  Often when you turn on the computer for information, you see the news page, and you get sucked in with immediate world stress.

Don’t think that you don’t.

Your subconscious mind records most, everything and you don’t even realize it.  Protect it as much as possible by reducing what you consciously take in see and hear. This includes the negative “friends” in your life and on Facebook who bring you down.


If you can put on a video or turn on a video at work from YouTube, or put on your own video,  put your earplugs in and reduce the screen box while you work on another screen.  That way when your boss or co-workers walk by, they are not the wiser.

For lunch, instead of hanging out with complaining co-workers, turn on a relaxing video on your phone, while you sit in your car, or if you didn’t drive, find a place to hide for your lunchtime where your co-workers won’t walk by. 

You can have a great attitude all of the time if you tune into your stress, and take steps to let things go, and relax.