Based on my experience of having the kind of life, self image, physical body, friends and possessions I enjoyed, losing all that and facing the challenge of regaining an updated version of the life I lost, the importance of maintaining a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude became somewhat clear. Realizing the incredibly important role one’s Attitude plays made me wonder how I, who currently didn’t seem to have anything going for me, could possibly regain the positive attitude I had when everything seemed to be going my way.
What is the ATTITUDE key, the SECRET formula?
From Psychologists and other mental health professionals, I learned that what I thought of myself was going to be a key part of having a winning Attitude. The problem with my understanding was that I believed I would think well of myself if I somehow manufactured a Winning Attitude. In other words, I believed a positive self image was the result of having a Winning Attitude.
Time and experience having positive and negative interactions both with myself and with others has shown me that I was seeing everything backwards. Positive Winners Don’t Quit Attitudes can contribute to, but my experience is that they don’t come before a healthy self image. Positive Winners Don’t Quit Attitudes are a result of a healthy and realistic self image.
So how does one get a positive self image?
In a nutshell, the way I know to get a positively healthy self image is as easy as ABC.
Accept the book you’ve been given.
Believe you can right a happy ending.
Care about others.
In the next few posts, I’ll crack the nut and begin unpacking the meat. This is a subject I’ve found interesting, fascinating and beneficial enough to hold my interest for 30 years. If you also find such topics interesting, I welcome your comments. If such things bore you, I’m sure the Internet is broad enough to contain something more to your liking.